Map Of The Human Heart

by Sweetheart

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Hailing from North America's most untapped music scene, Sweetheart was formed in Vancouver in mid 2004. Fate intervened earlier that same year when Marty (guitar and vocals) and MK (drums and percussion) bumped into each other at a party in Vancouver not having seen each other in over a year. Both knew each other from residing and playing in bands in Victoria BC. Talk of old times & exploits would lead to a few rehearsals where the pair realized their similar music interests and instant chemistry. From then on it was clear what the duo wanted to do. To create what they call “emotional event music” or break up music, make up music, first date music, fight music, party music, any music that was written with emotion and would evoke and emotional response.

After solidifying the line-up with Sammy (guitar) and Weezee (bass), an LP was independently released late in 2006. Aptly titled “Map of the Human Heart” this album became a story of emotions as each member of the band went through a major life changing events; a father died, a marriage is dissolved and a child is born. The result was 12 catchy pop/punk/rock anthems that will have you singing along to every word.

From Map of the Human Heart, “Shout It” was featured on Muchmusic, “See You on the Weekend” was selected for a Starbucks compilation album that hit the Billboard Top 200, and many other songs were placed in over 30 originally American aired shows such as Pimp My Ride, the Real World, and Last Comic Standing. Touring the album for 2 years the boys opened up for such bands as Shiny Toy Guns, The Stills, The Trews, Mariana's Trench, Faber Drive, The Dudes, and Two Hours Traffic, just to name a few. With a critically acclaimed live show and called one of “Vancouver's best live bands”, their stage energy is second to none and totally infectious.

Canadian success has continued to grow with “We Are All Connected” currently being heard on multiple commercial and college radio stations across Canada including 100.5 The Peak (Vancouver) and 102.1 The Edge (Toronto).

Continuing to write song after song, the boys are ready to break-out with their upcoming untitled release. A culmination of two years of writing and growing, living and hurting, it will showcase a maturity with a harder & darker edge. In true Sweetheart style they’ve taken the trials and tribulations of their life, and turned those emotions into instantly relatable songs.


released October 10, 2008

Produced by: Toby Hulse
Mastered by: Dave Collins
Artwork/Design: Ben Hulse

Marty: Guitar/Vocals/Keys/Percussion
MK: Drums/Keys/Percussion
Ian Cook: Bass
Sammy: Guitar



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Track Name: We Are All Connected
Extra Extra
I tried to text ya
But your phone was off
And I couldn’t getchya
We are disconnected

Doctor Doctor
Can you stop the talking
Voices in my head
And shadows that are knocking
On my doorstep

We are all Connected

Extra Extra
I tried to play catch up
With this modern life
Don’t let it get the best of me
Get out

Brother’s Sister’s
Can you feel the future
The end is out to get you
Stay young while you can
Beauty is perfection

We are all connected

I can’t
Stop this
She’s a
You’re all
I know
I’ll go

We are all connected
Track Name: Shout It
she loves me
she hates me
which is it?
please tell me
the truth you want to say it
but you don't want to display it
she was too young to be wasted
come to me you're overrated
in digital
if you back down
turn around
you'll be on the ground
in a cheap hotel
lost and found face down
you didn't want to say it
you're lost heart broken. jaded
leave me here this way
you can't just leave me here this way
every time
i'll shout it, i'll shout it, i'll shout it, i'll shout it, i'll scream it
scream it, scream til you believe it
every word you said was unbelievable. she's in my head and
and i'll be leaving soon
Track Name: Celebrate
In the board room I was feeling bored so soon
I wanna save your soul tonight
In the office as I put on my make up
you make me sick I want to wake up
you live a lie
you can't decide
if you're wrong or right
celebrate let's celebrate
forget your pain let's celebrate
for just one day
let's celebrate
In the office I was getting off on us
I can't be taking off I want to fake it
out tonight
In the board I was getting bored so soon I want to wake up
from this nightmare
out tonight
i can't decide
if you're on my side
celebrate let's celebrate
forget your pain let's celebrate
for just one day
let's celebrate
Track Name: Mayday
abandon ship
it's payday
save face and tolerate
work at the job that you hate
time eats away
don't give up
it's not too late
try too hard you try to love you try to try
Track Name: Highschool
he works at the super-market aisle now
she wasn't so different
alone, now
you look so pale tonight, a ghost town
i can't think. you decide it's cold out
high school was never like this
we should never have kissed
what's the difference cause you end up falling
Track Name: Crooks
i find
the crooks they shine
but i'll stay real
the man of steel
to see it through
a ghost or glass
it hurts to steal
i'll skip my class
i will run
i will run
i will run
i will stand
and fight
Track Name: Violets Are Blue
what went wrong?
with my lie?
now she's gone
the pain & strife
roses red
violets blue
if lies are white
the truth will destroy you
love affair
running fingers through her hair
savoir faire
fall in love while people stare
love affair
Track Name: See You On The Weekend
i was trying so hard to do it
can't be beaten when you feel so down & out
i want to fit in what else could you ask of me
i want to tell you but you're always telling me
i want to feel it but you just won't say it
i'm not behaving because my heart just aches for it
i want to feel it but you won't. i cannot take it
i want to tell you but you still deny it
i want to figure this out
i want to figure it out
i want to figure you out
i want to take you there
Track Name: Firefight
fire fight fire
walk a white wire walk a white
i could be, anything you want me to be
the host of the regime
looks mostly human to me
if virtual is real
what is reality? i lose my sanity
can't you feel it
it gets pretty funky
she was blue as it gets pretty bumpy
we were screwed
and she was pretty drunk and it makes no sense to me
Track Name: On/Off
heart heart is broke so's my face face face face
looks like i lost the human race
now i see once was blind blind blind blind
now you never never never waste my time
once more i can be
your love sets me free
fell in love love with a star
she wants to drive
drive my car
Track Name: Eyes
why have you gone away
you're gone. what have you done?
i'm stunned and on the run
why have you gone?
eyes. i can see your eyes